Buckbuck games feature mysterious puzzle boxes that give them their special secret sauce, meticulously made by a special secret source.

Players find themselves singing, rubbing, blowing and jiggling boxes to reveal the secrets within.

And whenever they dare do the obscure and that lid pops open, they always find themselves asking ‘how?’!

It all started in 2014 when Ben Tucker bought a wardrobe on ebay for his first game.

He was called by the seller who asked what it was for.

Escape rooms were not a ‘thing’ back then, nobody really knew what Ben was talking about, even he wasn’t sure.

Yet something tickled him about explaining the future of this vintage furniture used to house clothes.

“I’m gonna put a dead ghost lady in there and people have to try and get in to get her fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine.

…It’s a game.”

The pause which would usually be followed by some swift delivery details spiralled into enthusiastic praise about the seller’s son and his puzzle locks.

And so, Spencer delivered Lady Chastity’s first wardrobe, a bunch of handmade trick boxes and a brilliant mind for creating and solving puzzles.

This serendipitous meeting spiralled into games with totally new challenges.

Spencer is one of the world’s most accomplished lock picks, receiving new tasks from select contacts in the lock making industry. His puzzle designs have stumped thousands, each one carefully crafted throughout the small hours of his garden shed.

Of course it is a delight to try and pick the mind of a man whose mind picks all.

But you’ll have a challenge tracking this creative mystery maker is he is totally OFF-GRID.

And as each new test run rolls out, a wake of open boxes and mouths cry out…


Players who take on the Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar and other Buckbuck games will get a taste of Spencer’s fine work combined with Ben’s playful twists.

ben tucker