What would you do if your land was ruled by a self serving, profiteering government?


Wonderland, once a place of peculiar nonsense, singing, riddles, games and parties, is now thankfully reformed by the self elected and self congratulating Baron Buckwick.

New Wonderland has jobs, trade, borders and consumer opportunities, serving a thriving economy fuelled by golds. Wonderful, wonderful golds.

You are invited to join this new society by Baron Buckwick. Paid 5 golds to compete with a permit to trade, barter, gamble, bribe and blackmail.

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Your job is to hunt down Russell the Smoking Caterpillar.

While The Baron is delivering on his promise to deliver a smooth Wexit, Russell has gone on one of his massive benders, locking up everyone’s golds and stuff.

The Wonderlanders are continuing trade as best they can until the arrival of wise Wonderhunters.

As it was Alice who found the Smoking Caterpillar before, New Wonderland now requires the help of those from her land to solve Russell’s clues and hunt him down.

New Wonderland operates under rules which helpfully serve the needs of all Alicelanders and aims to provide everything you need to complete your task, including the release of the latest Caterpillar Hunting Stick XSIII.


Will you be the one to wield the Hunting Stick’s awesome hunting power?

Do you have a mind for solving curiouser and curiouser clues?

Will you take a wholesome path of fairness or employ slightly slipperier tactics?

Or perhaps you’ll you bring about a total collapse of the system?


Your experience in your own land will be key in this grand adventure.

For it is your land that has taught you how best to navigate systems, what is wrong, and what is right.

Take yourself out of your land and play your part in a new one.



The Hunt for The Smoking Caterpillar: Comedy escape room + Immersive experience.

1 hour game plus a welcoming drink from The Baron for up to 24 players per game.

Teams enlisted may compete in teams of 2-5 Wonderhunters.

Playing at The Owl & Hitchhiker in North London.

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