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Buckbuck Games have had the pleasure of playing with thousands of wonderful teams.

Every player brings something new, which makes the game different every time and we are thankful to you all.


In the past year we’ve been entertained at events, festivals and our London and Brighton venues.

With pop-up team adventure games, character quests and a certain missing little caterpillar, we’ve co-discovered so many hilarious moments of absolute joy.

To all those who embraced their playful selves, thank you.

Here’s some kind words from our 5 star customers…

its.rishis • 9th September, 2019

BOOK BOOK BOOK!!!!! I have done about 15 immersive events in London and this was by far my favourite. The lack of technology and focus on human interaction makes this immersive experience that much more. Each of the actors has their own storyline with side quests and tasks to help you attain as much gold as possible. And while you solve these side tasks there is a main quest to keep your eyes peeled out for. This is very much an event that relies on teamwork. The best part of this experience is that to attain more gold other than completing a quest, you can buy, sell, bargain, lie, blackmail and maybe even sneakily steal items to help you attain gold in this corrupted 'new wonderland'. DO NOTE: While I love this event and will keep an eye out on this companies future immersive theatre events, this event is so far out there. You have to really commit to getting involved in the strange, quirky and weird tasks that are appointed to you. If you can't get involved in this very different immersive theatre experience then you may not have as much fun as possible. I let loose and just enjoyed the weirdness and was 1000% thrilled with the experience.

Kyle1997 • 9th September, 2019

I took my friend here for her first escape room experience (with a comedy/theatrical twist) and it was absolutely exceptional! The cast/staff were brilliant and extremely talented actors/actresses. The set up of the room was impressive and the whole experience was one of the best I’ve had from an escape type game (and I’ve done a lot!) thanks to all!!

squibb_vicious • 6th September, 2019

Great value for money, really immersive and so rewarding if you manage to crack the riddles to save the Smoking Caterpillar!

amyhooper • 1st September, 2019

Me and some friends went a week or so ago but we had a fantastic time!! Well done to everyone involved!

Paul • 26th August, 2019

I attended last week with my fiance and we both had a brilliant time. It was a fun mix of immersive theatre and puzzles with great actors and intricate props. I'd certainly recommend it for an excellent way to spend an evening.

Mehzbeen Ali • 24th August, 2019

We went as a group of 6, not expecting much more than your average escape room experience with some sloppy acting thrown in... How wrong were we!! It was definitely the best immersive experience I've been to, to date! The whole team were interactive, entertaining and very outside of the box - well done buckbuck! An excellent night full of challenges, fun and lots of laughter. Looking out for more games from them.. Please bring them out soon!!

Becky • 29th July, 2019

This was so much fun. The characters were all brilliant and very funny. Didn't look too much into it as i wanted it to be a surprise but it definitely didn't disappoint. i just wish i hadn't got so fixated on this one box. It rattled a lot so i wanted what was inside but i ran out of time. Highly recommend!

Simon • 26th July, 2019

A wonderful evening of adventure, puzzles, entertainment, golds, sticks, cards & snakes and that's the first 10 minutes. from the moment we started we were in Wonderland with a difference and the hunt for the Caterpillar was on. a great evening of fun and highly recommended.

janinefromhr • 19th July, 2019

Weird, wacky and wondrous. We were taken on a marvellously leftfield and irreverent journey into New Wonderlands burgeoning economy. Challenged by the Baron to locate a most nefarious caterpillar I found myself willing to stab my friends in the back in pursuit of them golds. A truly fantastic team experience that had tongues wagging for hours afterwards. Can't recommend it enough.

fozzy • 16th July, 2019

New Wonderland is a crazy place-loved it! Enjoyed chasing golds and that cute little caterpillar. The actors are fantastic and the pub has great food and drink. Definitely recommend.

Morgan • 16th July, 2019

I remember laughing until i cried at my friend as he sorely lost out on first place in a beauty contest and threw a tantrum in his blonde wig! Amazing fun, with so many ways to compete- Watch out for that Baron! Highly recommend.

Adam • 16th July, 2019

Had no idea what to expect, as my girlfriend got me the experience as a treat. As soon as we got in, we realised this was something very different to the usual immersive theatrics London has. There is so much attention to the gaming mechanics and possibilities on how to progress through it, and at the end, a very unusual, yet satisfying twist - which i won't ruin now! Would love to play more games like this as it is very unique and encourages participation for all types of people.

Edward • 24th June, 2019

Wonderful evening! Huge fan of Lady Chastity & Poppa Plonk so was very excited to check this out. It was great fun! A really novel & fun way of mixing and shaking up a escape room/mystery room that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. Unlike an escape room which is very sequential, and you hopefully solve everything this is a lot more free form with people whizzing all over the place trying puzzles all over (of which their are plenty). And it is very unlikely all the puzzles will be solved in one visit, so is great for a repeat visit! Although personally the not knowing how to solve everything really bothers me... The way it works is you solve puzzles to get money (or “golds”) which you can use to buy things and information from the other characters (who are wonderfully good fun!) and thus solve more puzzles and advance the plot. It’s all quite chaotic and an experience best enjoyed by throwing yourself fully into the madness! Great for groups of all sizes, just bring your thinking cap and a willingness to be a bit silly! The venue is also excellent for before & after.

Kate • 20th June, 2019

Brilliant crazy fun, immersive. Loved looking for clues and getting golds!

Ella • 16th June, 2019

What an awesome experience!! So much fun! The team running it are superb and it’s definitely a wonderful and strange experience you won’t forget! Loved it.

TMBurnley • 16th June, 2019

Fantastic night. The game was brilliant and the actors really made the experience. Would definitely recommend!

c4m3r0n • 12th June, 2019

Good time from start to finish with wonderfully animated characters. Some of the people with us were very in to it and the characters never said "No". Always happy to build on what we said to them. Who knew Wonderland was in North London?!

roseking890 • 12th June, 2019

All of my favourite things: fun maddness and a great time with my friends. Would also be good for people on their own who want to work with others.

fj258068 • 12th June, 2019

Went for a friends birthday and was so funny and fun.

papa_r_ward • 12th June, 2019

Cracking night - lots of fun, especially with the Beadle. He's hilarious!

mckellont • 12th June, 2019

Pure joy and creativity! If you like puzzles or talking to fun characters this is a great way to spend an hour. Ideal for daytime stag/hen dos or fun evening for something different.

gambino-gary • 6th June, 2019

Went as part of a work outing, was an absolute blast of refreshing gameplay that got us doing all sorts of peculiar tasks. Some very inventive puzzle boxes too. Loved the gold chase, loved the characters, all round great fun. 10/10

Tom • 6th June, 2019

A great night out with Buckbuck games!

Rosie • 2nd June, 2019

Absolutely amazing experience! We had never done anything like this before and it was so much fun! The actors were great and really engaging! My only criticism is it could have been sooo much longer!

DanielDD • 24th May, 2019

Great combo of immersive theatre and escape room. Really convincing and interesting design/ decoration, cast were fab - we had a great time!

David • 14th May, 2019

Had a great time at Hunt for The Smoking Caterpillar; great theming, great characters and a whimsical, thought-provoking storyline that permeates the experience made for an incredibly unique experience. The addition of some light puzzle solving elements added an extra level of fun. Definite 5 star.

David • 14th May, 2019

Loved it! The perfect mixture of immersive theatre, treasure hunting and escape room style antics. Recommended for those who enjoying laughing lots :)

Jackie • 13th May, 2019

Fabulous event, we loved it. Its a zany madcap mix of puzzles, theatre, improv and comedy and the more you throw yourself into the mayhem the better it gets! The cast were fabulous and were amazing at making sure that every one who came near them got involved. If you willing to join in and go with the mischief and mayhem then youll have a wonderful time. We did! Already looking forward to whatever buckbuck games come up with next, we are going to travel down from Scotland especially for it.

Darren • 12th May, 2019

So much fun! I can't recommend enough. Amazing characters and game design, the experience was challenging and hilarious for us all 👌

Samuel • 19th April, 2019

Loved it! A lot of fun and a good balance of the ridiculous and serious, puzzles you can just do and things you have to gain through interactions with characters.

Rivkie • 19th April, 2019

really fun, great cast, very clever!

Jav • 16th April, 2019

What a weird and wonderland experience this was! It was a surprise bday gift and it was fantastic!! The team were whacky and great actors! Didn't understand much as the beginning, READ THE POSTERS, lots of hints and clues, wish it could have been a little longer, by the time you get into it its over! You must get into all the craziness AND JUST HAVE FUN! Thanks guys!

Debs • 16th April, 2019

Booked for a friend's birthday and we had a total blast!! The team was superb and welcomed us in their bonkers Alice wonderland world where we fitted right in! It was awesomely organised and so much fun. To embrace it to the max you have to let yourself go to the craziness of it all! After the hour we wanted more :)) All thumbs up guys xx

Simon • 15th April, 2019

Quirky, unusual fun. The use of many actors in this environment really makes this game different from your normal escape room. Humorous and bonkers it makes a for a hectic hour chasing down the many clues to the whereabouts of a certain caterpillar

Elyse • 13th April, 2019

So much fun! The actors are amazing and are so much fun to interact with! Definitely worth it and one not to miss!

Melissa • 2nd April, 2019

Such a good night! Was interactive and engaging, something out of the ordinary. Went with my brother and mum, we were all working together and the actors were making us laugh all the way through. I hope there's some more games soon.

supersoph • 26th March, 2019

Such a unique experience. Reminded me of the choose your own adventure computer games i used to play but REAL! Was so much fun and had a great time completing the various quests, even though i didn't win the beauty contest! LOL.

GERRY33 • 23rd March, 2019

Very interactive and the staff are on point. You only wish it were longer. But loads of fun throughout the whole hour and a bit.

Linda • 23rd March, 2019

Such a fun night. Would definately recommend.

Samantha • 7th March, 2019

Loved this experience from the beginning to the end! Great pub that it is set in, actors were amazing and made the experience even more so. Loved it!!

David • 6th March, 2019

My girlfriend and I loved it! Bonkers charming and very silly! Gets rid of the winter blues I tell ya. Hour flew by! Can’t wait for more

Gemma • 6th March, 2019

Me and my friend had so much fun in this alternative Wonderland. It had a bit of everything - puzzle solving, ridiculous tasks, and the actors were hilarious. I really liked how it felt like anything could change depending on how you played the game.

Zoe • 6th March, 2019

Ridiculously fun. Great twist at the end. We were talking about it for ages after in the pub downstairs. Hoping they make more of these...?!

Eleanor • 27th February, 2019

I went with some colleagues and it was so much fun - the puzzle boxes were really well made and the actors gave just enough help to stop you from wandering around in confusion, particularly at the start when you are getting used to the format.

Bonety • 16th February, 2019

Excellent crowd, theme, the whole game. So much fun. The only thing is that it lasts longer. One hour flies by, and one more would be terrific.

Serena • 28th January, 2019

Crazy fun experience! Definitely something I have never done before and would recommend to try - met loads of people during the experience and it’s the perfect game to go to with a friend, a partner or to pair up with a stranger (I did!). Have fun!

Ashley • 28th January, 2019

Was amazing, totally different and lots of fun. I went with a group of friends and without knowing what to expect, we entered the world of a corrupt Wonderland and just about came out the other side! Its a fun trip with some crazy attention to detail and interesting narrative all of which is brought to life by the talented actors. Good times! Have a blast if you go!

wednesdaya • 28th January, 2019

Unique, batshit, super fun & silly. An escape room experience that’s way more fun than the dry, traditional ones you usually get. Plus awesome attention to detail - the set is beautiful!! Go! You’ll be talking about it for weeks.

toms • 12th December, 2018

12 of us visited as part of our ad agency Xmas bash and had a total blast. It's a wonderfully weird experience totally made by the great actors who welcome you into their bizarre world. Part immersive theatre, part escape room, part treasure hunt and not like anything any of us had done before.

Marieta • 7th December, 2018

Amazing experience! We went with my boyfriend and we had so much fun! The characters, the atmosphere, and the participants, everything was perfect. Totally recommend.

Jonathan • 27th November, 2018

I decided to do this on a whim. It was fun and I got teamed up with a stranger as I was alone. And it made the experience all the better. The interactions were great and the setting brilliant. We could alter the opinions of the characters through virtually any means of negotiation. And the timing was also spot on. I don't live in London bit if I get a chance to do another of their experiences I will certainly make the trip.

Lorraine • 25th November, 2018

A fun, bonkers mash up of escape room and immersive theatre. The actors were great and there is plenty of interaction with them (including them offering helpful hints if you get stuck!). It made for a very fun afternoon out. Would definitely recommend

roxy_west • 25th November, 2018

Wowza! What a game! Absolutely mental, very original, challenging, well constructed, hilarious characters. We went as a team of three and had to do all kinds of tasks, from team playing to a cheeky bribery. I would highly recommend this!

bfturner • 22nd November, 2018

Had a hell of a lot of fun playing this.

Shabina • 19th November, 2018

I highly recommend this, we had a great time! The characters are lovable, the set looks great and the story is delightfully silly - it was a fun experience all round

cecilelaines • 19th November, 2018

Really fun and inventive! Would 100% recommend.

Lara • 19th November, 2018

Crazy night of hunting!! Went as a couple and was such a good night - so much cheaper than the theatre and more drama!

Esme • 19th November, 2018

So much fun! The set was incredible and the actors were great! Would highly recommend.


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