Ben Tucker has been working in advertising and brand communication for 20 years creating concepts for high profile clients around the world.

Brands include Coke, Apple, Mini, G-Star, Adidas, Absolut, BBC, Heineken, Mercedes, Dove, Sony, Mars, Pepsi, Philips, D&AD, Yamaha, Just Eat, Extinction Rebellion, Reebok and many, many more.

Combining experience in connecting products with people through TV, print, digital, stunts, plus the creation of multiple 5 star team games, Ben offers an original approach to communicating memorable brand messages.


Buckbuck & your brand


Buckbuck Games features over 60 immersive actors, multiple pop-up challenges, portable boxes, and versatile game designs which can be applied to brands and products to entice and entertain all markets.

Walkabout acts, clue hunts and new gaming creations allow audiences to interact with your company persona. Buckbuck is a dependable partner when it comes to making your brand into a joyful reward.


“The Buckbuck team are frigging awesome. THANK YOU!!”

Russell Danks - Punch Pubs


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