Character Profiles

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Tumeric Gin works for the Baron to replicate golds. Yet it is her potions and giganticism biscuits aide her true calling, happiness. Happiness she has not felt since losing her beloved Dodo.
Best be quick, she doesn't suffer idiots gladly.

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Beadle Dum lost his marbles at a particularly mad Mad Hatter's party. Tea gets him very emotional. 
He owes the Baron golds for unwarranted Kingly cabbage theft.
Will you bring him to justice or help find his marbles?

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Poppy Stamp is obsessed with art and all things beautiful, especially Alice, who she believes is her mother.
The daughter of the Baron has cut out her tongue, for fear of revealing her secret love for another Wonderlander.
Will you find Poppy's tongue and her beloved hand mirror? The Hunt is on.

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Wonderlandowner, gambler and lover of golds. 
Warrants hunters of the Smoking Caterpillar with a permit to bribe, blackmail and steal in order to find him and bring back his golds.
How far will you go for golds?