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Live interactive games portable and scaleable for any event


Brand products and tailor made clues may be locked or hidden away and act as a reward for guests.

Actors improvise and adapt to all sorts of events and people with the goal of providing maximum fun.

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Game Reviews


The perfect Christmas party games

The Buckbuck team were professional and worked seamlessly with our chosen venue to provide an amazing event for the entire office. Will definitely be playing again.

Rajesh Patel - Apple



Had a total blast

It's a wonderfully weird experience totally made by the great actors who welcome you into their bizarre world. Part immersive theater, part escape room, part treasure hunt and not like anything any of us had done before.

Tom Skinner - BBH


Wowza! What a game!

Original, challenging, well constructed, hilarious characters and all kinds of tasks, from team playing to a cheeky bribery. I would highly recommend this!

Roxy West - Laines Pub co

 Walkabout characters and games

Immersive characters mingle and entertain guests to get them playing together and collecting golds.


Hatter’s Box of Frogs

Can you play with madness? Yes indeedy you can. With customisable prizes inside, these boxes will get everyone jumping.


Rabbit in a Magic Hat

Close up magic from our friendly time-keeper!


Lyrical Mad Hatter

Create your own Wonderland adventure in rap with this improvised lyrical mad genius.


Jaque’s Casino Club

Gamble your golds with roulette, chance darts, or the magic finger! Win, lose or take on one of Jacque’s infamous forfeits!


This Blinkin’ Box

Jump, Duck, Sing, Summon, Freeze or Floss! Light up all three bulbs before time runs out.


Poppy Stamp’s Drag Race

Fix up, look sharp, and strut your stuff with Poppy for premium selfie love!


Wonky Croquet

The Flamingo bat and ball game with a mind of its own!


Tumeric Gin’s Potion Parlour

Unlock daring ingredients and ‘drink me’!



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