Please read the following before performing…

You are here to play

The whole ethos of this experience is about play.

If it feels like work and doesn’t entertain you, it is important you let us know and we’ll sort it.

The ‘Hunters’ are also here to play

Play with them. If you enjoy singing, magic tricks, drawing, or any other talent you enjoy, feel free to weave that into your character should the moment take you.

Read your audience, gage their interest. Are they interested in you? The puzzles? The quest in hand? They are against the clock and may need to move on to find Russell.

How dark do they like to go?! Feel free to tickle that out, but remain on the inoffensive side.
Generally avoid mentioning anything to do with their appearance, unless it is utterly complimentary!

Some players may be difficult. This is understandable. They may have had a hard day in the office and not wish to be here!
Seize every ‘difficult’ moment as an opportunity.
How best can we achieve joy?

Capture the joy, when the camera is there, focus on those players and create the best moment you can for them. Make it tense when they’re trying, celebrate when they win.

Our goal is to provide people with a great time and be seen doing it.

Use ‘improv techniques’

‘YES AND…’ agree with them and build upon it.
Treat all hunters like geniuses. Be enthused by their ideas, fuel their momentum with elation.
Don’t drop your shit. Choose your character and stay in it. Remember the stories you tell and perpetuate them.

Clues, puzzles and rewards

How bad do they want golds?
Let them have fun with gold, let them withhold things, encourage others to solve this. Have fun, but if they want gold – give them golds! You may wish to offer golds to have them reset boxes for you.

You’re happy to have a clever team who can help you discover the whereabouts of Russell.

You may help them, but if they fail, you may choose to help them, guide them to another one of your challenges, or direct them to another host.

Hint the players gently, ultimately they love to solve it.

Make sure they are gentle with props.

While they may be devious with golds, ask them not to fool with padlocks or clues, the games are here for everyone to enjoy.
Try to keep your belongings nearby so there is no sabotage from players.

If something doesn’t work, we improvise and move on. There are plenty of challenges to enjoy. Keep the joy flowing.

Feel free to take bribes and get players competing in a jovial way, play them off against each other in a challenge for your attention/prize.

Your character

Create a character you’d love to play and respond to other people’s character with.

Learn your story, puzzle resets, challenges, and your overblown award winning reaction at the end!

Please bring your own costume. Opiumated Victoriana opulent oddities. Think Wonderland flamingos, flowers and vintage beauties. Avoid Steampunk, plastics or any modern attire. See photos to get an idea of outfits. If you need help with this, please ask.

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It is our intention to see that you are paid as swiftly as possible.

If you need help, please ask.

Invoice Buckbuck games after play by sending your invoice with relevant information to

Buckbuck Games
91 Buckingham road

We endeavour to pay the week after.

Food and travel

We’ll do our best to feed you and we do our best to maximise , if you require help for travel, please ask.


Everyone who works at the venue is our client.
We intend to maintain a great relationship with them by respecting their property.

Treat them kindly and if there are any issues, please contact Ben as soon as you can.


The most important thing of all!
If you can’t attend, you can’t play, neither can the people who made it happen.

Being early is great. Being on time is risky. Being late is better than never, but a bum for the rest of us.

So please please please, for the sake of good times, check your travel times and make sure you are there on time.

We will support your art and if you cannot make your booked date, please try get a replacement, we’ll all do our best to find one too and contact the organiser as soon as possible.


This agreement is between you and Buckbuck LTD. It ensures all games run as best they can to protect hosts and Buckbuck from any incidents that affect gameplay.

•   I will ensure my attendance of the agreed event at the time specified by head host

•   In the event that I cannot attend the event, I will do my utmost to cover my role by contacting other hosts

•   I am a member of Equity and therefore covered for liability insurance

•   I will report any incidents to

•   I will invoice Buckbuck LTD my fee which will be paid within 7 days of play

Come and play

There is a blog here about ‘Why we do this’.

Perpetuating that playful mood and being on time is all important to the game.

If you are happy with the above, you are ready to join us.