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Tumeric Gin is considered the most intelligent in Wonderland.
Believes in science, and that there is an equation for everything.

Feels nothing since her beloved Dodo died many moons ago.

Wants to find a way to feel, creates potions to do so.

Hangs out with Russell a lot. Another intellect.
Supposed to replicate his poop golds by order of The Baron, but generally they get up to other more enriching stuff.

Can tell the difference between real and fake gold. Smells like shit? It’s real.

The Baron - Baron Buckwick. The boss. Works on creating golds for him. Asks you to determine fake or real golds.
The Beauty - Poppy Stamp. The Baron’s daughter. Keeps everything as beautiful as Alice once was.
The Fool - Beadle Dum. Friends with the fool, for there are interesting insights when his marbles align.

Reason for wanting to find Russell
Enjoys having him around for more in-depth chats and shenanigans.

Welcomes the Wonder Hunters for helping find him.

To learn the equation of happiness.



Symbol clue
Rewarded for intrepid team, a special something (after 30 mins)

Open your drawer.

Reveal: Love!

Players approach you with news that somebody you know loves you!
The revelation of being loved fills you with emotion. Happiness, something you have not felt in a long time. Such wonderful news, there is no need for potions or equations at all!
QUICK, tell Beadle Dum that intellect is not the path to happiness.

Please read the following link before playing.