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Official landowner, bank, media broadcaster and casino of Wonderland.

Carries a cane. Rings his bell. Loves golds. Doesn’t give it up easy. Gambler.

All the Wonderlanders pay him in gold to live on their land.
He pays them golds for doing his bidding.

Alchemist - Attempts to recreate golds, as Russell is the only source.
The Beauty - Keeps everything as beautiful as Alice once was.
The Fool - Outcast. Wondertax dodger. A scapegoat for wrong doings.

Worships Alice. You searched for her in Aliceland and found out about how to drive an economy using golds.

Upset with cabbage thief. Russell often hangs out among the cabbages, so he may be in there.

Suspicious of odd happenings in Wonderland. Symbols and giant poops.

Perpetuates the fear of the Serpent and conducts Serpent drills with his horn.

Reason for wanting to find Russell - He poops gold. Changed the lock to my gold safe. Can’t get in.

Quest - Golds!

Baron challenges (given by the Baron)

3 x Wonder Spy - I hear of some funny goings on in Wonderland. Strange symbols, giant golds and whatnot. I will pay you 5 golds for each bit of intel you can bring me.

3 x Beautiful crash - Enter the beauty contest and take a dive. Reward 5 golds.

Poisoned! - At an opportune moment, pretend you have been poisoned by the Serpent and call out for an antidote. The more convincing your struggle, the more golds you’ll be rewarded. Up to 10 golds.

A suitor - Congratulations. You have been chosen to woo my daughter and win her hand in marriage. Gain a ring and stage a proposal. I must witness this for you to be rewarded your 10 golds.

Win the crowd - During the serpent drill, stand up and give a rousing speech about me and how great it is that i am here to protect everyone. The more convincing, the more golds you’ll be rewarded. Up to 10 golds.

Cabbage thief - One of my cabbages is missing. Find the culprit and bring him to me. Reward 10 golds.

A good cause - Put up some of my posters to help people what to think and do. 1 Golds per poster.

Sign of the times challenges (given by the Alchemist and Fool)

Serpent Scales - Bring me the serpent’s scales (the Baron’s weighing scales)

Up the revolution - Paint a playing card symbol on a poster. Don’t get caught!

Bring em down - Take down 5 posters.

Overthrow - Enlist all teams to overthrow the Baron

Puzzle Challenges

The fake golds finger - Players gamble their gold and chance choosing a real coin.

Cryptex - Opens on GOLDS, reveals key to music box (key is tricky)

Hat - Immediately falls asleep when music box is opened so players may grab key in hat.

Smash glass box - Don’t smash glass! Key is in hat (needs to be all the way in)

Cabbage thief - Russell lives among the cabbages and so they must be protected.

Hunting stick - To be rewarded to those who gather golds equal to the weight of perfection. Perfection is Alice. Her gold statue will determine the correct weight of golds.

Introduce the Hunters with scroll and blackboard.

Blackboard has 3 main points set out. At first the numbers are symbols. These are wiped off by the Baron who mutters something about silly symbols.

  1. The New Wonderland

  2. GOLDS!

  3. Find Russell the Smoking Caterpillar

Reveal: Russell the Caterpillar!

Players approach you with a letter by Russell (held by The Fool)
In that is a clue to get into your golds safe under your table cloth.

Be ready with smoke and speaker control.

Smoke as they attempt the lock.
Speaker play as they open it (If it does not play, come in with congratulatory act).

THERE HE IS!! Overblown congratulations!

Please read the following link before playing.