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Poppy Stamp

Poppy is obsessed with beauty, but believes she has none.

Addicted to her mirror which is lost! Very harrowing.

Shy Poppy is in love but too ashamed to say with whom.


The obscure patterns and lock on the mirror cupboard are mysterious to Poppy.

The first team to get inside are on the final run.

Poppy’s hand mirror is inside with a note from Russell. Her revelation teaches her to love herself. She is now happy and free and confesses her love for Tumeric. Coyly encouraging the team to tell Tumeric the news.

Shy and endearing, this one is obsessed with the legendary Alice and wants to be like her because she is beautiful. Likes collecting art, thinks gold is pretty. Cut out tongue cos was nervous about mentioning who she loves.

The Baron - Baron Buckwick. Daddy. He’s so clever.
The Fool - Beadle Dum. He’s not so bright, nor pretty.
The Alchemist - Tumeric Gin. Very shy about Tumeric. Is secretly in love with her but won’t tell anyone.

Reason for wanting to find Russell
Wants to know where her special hand mirror is, for that is needed to check herself in the hope that she can muster up the confidence to reveal her love.

Immediate problem
Has no tongue. Cut it out for fear of revealing her true love.

Wants to find her hand mirror to make herself more like Alice. Hers is defaced. In love with XXXX but can’t voice it. Won’t tell players who.

Drawing blindfold, team has to guess the drawing. Poppy pays gold for each piece of art.

Symbol clue
Rewarded for intrepid hunters
Help find the other pieces of mum’s photo.

Players with all 5 symbols will be able to get in to her final box which triggers final run that leads players to Russell.

Canny teams who wish to do it with just 4, may be allowed to do so in the final 10 mins of play.

Reveal: You are beautiful!

A team will come claiming to know how to get into your locked mirror cabinet.

Inside is your hand mirror with a revelatory note from Russell.

Wow! You feel elated and compelled to reveal who you love. Tumeric Gin. Get the team to go tell her because you now love you and are filled with the confidence to spread love.

poppy stamp

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