Which makes it anything you want it to be!

The only sense to make of it, is nonsense.

Wonderlanders are free to do as they wish.

Sing among the flowers, dance and play around. Birthdays every day. Oyster parties, tea parties, painting, co-operation, no sense or care for time.

BUT NOW there are new ways.

Wonderland’s Baron Buckwick visited Alice’s land in search of her and learned much about it.

Jobs, run on time. Competitiveness, comparison, conformity and consumerism. Media control, through fear and want. Gambling and his most favourite stuff - GOLDS!

The Baron Media posters are spread far and wide, so everyone knows what to do.

He has introduced a stable economy to Wonderland.

But Wonderland Golds depends on the tiny botty of Russell, the Smoking Caterpillar.

The Baron demands his Alchemist replicate Russell’s precious poop, paying golds to make golds. But the Alchemist has yet to succeed.

Russell disappears

He’s gone and messed with everyone’s stuff, jumbled around with mad little clues from Russell. Last seen on a mad bender.

He does this sometimes.
Goes off on one, locks everything up, sometimes himself too.
But this is absolutely the most maddest trip he’s ever done.

And so the Baron calls upon the folk of Aliceland.

As a Wonderlander, you find yourself among these people with ideas of which you know nothing about.

They call themselves Wonder Hunters.
It was Alice who found the Caterpillar last time, so hopefully these Wonderhunters can help you find Russell and his special gold pooping bottom.

They’ll also free your belongings, and entertain you with their cunning skills.

And so you reward them with golds. They’ll like that.

To do well in Wonderland, one must achieve the golds.

This was learned from Aliceland and is now the way of Wonderland.

They will help unlock your stuff and may even whisper a few words of wisdom on their way.

They’ll be interested in your belongings and may need reminding that it is your treasured Wonderland stuff that needs care. 

But there is a strange uprising of the old ways.

Rumours of strange symbols and extra large golds, far too big for Russell’s booty.
But where are these coming from?
Is there another source for golds?
What do the symbols mean?

Will the Baron ever catch wind of this?


Russell the Smoking Caterpillar shits golds.
He is the source.

He’s a wise little chap who everyone loves, he gives them good advice, like a wise old uncle.

He sits among the Baron’s cabbages and pretty much does as he feels.
Visits the Alchemist, The Baron believes that this is so his shit gold can be re-created, but they are actually trying out new chemicals together.
Sometimes he gets off his face and goes too far.

Much like your drunk self plays tricks on your sober self, Russell does this to EVERYONE and himself.

Baron Buckwick. The Baron loves golds.
He used to love Alice but when he went looking for her in Aliceland, he found a new love. An economy run on GOLDS!

The Baron keeps Wonderland running.
Making sure the people are working, the lands are safe from the infamous Serpent, and most importantly, the economy is stable - with GOLDS.

His media pushes it’s importance, he enjoys the way it moves around, as long as it all ends up with him.

He wonder-taxes the Wonderlander’s for living off his land.
Wonder-penalises golds for doing wrongs.
Rewards golds for doing right.
Loves gambling.

Some Wonderlanders accept this, some believe the Baron ways have gone too far.

Tumeric Gin. The Alchemist makes golds.
The Baron pays Tumeric golds to make golds.
The alchemist has yet to succeed.

Since losing the beloved Dodo Dodgeson, the Alchemist feels no emotions. It’s a pointless pursuit.
There must be an equation for everything.

The alchemist sells smelly water and begrudgingly continues to attempt Caterpillar poop replication.

Poppy Stamp. The Beauty perpetuates beauty.
The Baron pays his daughter, to keep all things beautiful.
She enjoys doing this and loves making art, people and things look pretty.
Everything must be judged against the standard of the legendary Alice (rumoured to be her mother).

Doing her best to appear as Alice was, the Beauty’s obsession has led to some unusual characteristics.

The Fool doesn’t understand.
The importance of golds moving. The economy. Tax. The serpent that nobody has seen…

He doesn’t believe in any of it, and therefore is seen as stupid.
He trusts all his wits to objects he’s trusted his intelligence to.
A thinking hat and his marbles. He is lost without them.

Dodo Dodgeson
Dodgeson and Russell were old friends who used to play and philosophise together.
Dodgeson used to rule old Wonderland and was very close with Tumeric, but mysteriously disappeared, leaving Tumeric unable to feel any emotion at all.

The Serpent is coming.
The Baron media has told us of it’s horrors in far away lands.
Fortunately the crocodile cadets are on guard to protect us. Paid by taxes. Phew!

The Serpent drill must be taken VERY SERIOUSLY.
When the horn sounds, everyone must shout Serpent and get down on the ground, or be penalised one golds.

Make your own characteristics.
What would you like to be?

Depending on your choice, ask why? What made your character be like that?
How do these characteristics fit into the backstory of Wonderland?
Create a retrospective point of view and play with it!

Chess, doorknobs, mushrooms, dodos, playing cards, flowers, rabbits, tea, riddles, walrus, carpenter, oysters, queens, jacks, kings, croquet, hatter, all those lovely opium drenched 1860’s wonderings.

Why the caterpillar is so important (link)

See more about host characters here.
Feel free to learn about the others Wonderlanders too.



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